AWAKE provides numerous resources to keep our community healthy and safe and for families who suspect their child or another family member needs help. Please  don't wait, get them help.

"Prevention is one of the most important, cost effective practices to address the problem."


In addition to National Prescription Drug Take Back Days in the spring and fall, AWAKE provides Med Return boxes in our community


Not only does AWAKE provide resources to families and community members, we also provide programs and services to educate our parents and our youth

Med Return

AWAKE is coalition of dedicated community members working together to prevent drug and alcohol use by our youth .

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Today youth are faced with many of those use or not use alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.

AWAKE's mission is to help our youth make safe and healthy choices by working with schools, parents, youth, and the community to prevent and reduce youth alcohol, marijuana and other drug use.  Substance abuse is a serious health and safety risk for our children and community.

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A  Drug Free Community Coalition serving the Anthony Wayne Community in an effort to decrease underage drinking and prevent marijuana and other drug use.

Community Resources

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7Warning signs your child may be more

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