Substance abuse is a serious health and safety risk for our children and community. Awake Community Coalition is a coalition of dedicated and concerned community members within the Anthony Wayne area working together to create a safe, healthy community for our families and youth. Founded in the Fall of 2008 by a grassroots group of law enforcement, parents, faith, township governments, educators, youth, and business owners, to help our youth make safe and healthy choices by working with schools, parents, youth, and the community to prevent and reduce youth alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use.

Youth today are faced with many challenges in regards to drugs, alcohol, and negative choices. Awake Community Coalition strives to prevent and reduce substance abuse in our community through programming that promotes healthy choices for a healthy lifestyle. The Coalition seeks to provide our community and youth with positive role models, healthy activities, and strong families through education, prevention, and community events.

It is our responsibility as a community to help shape a healthy environment for our youth to thrive and become positive, active members of society. It is said that we are more apt to support that which we create. Come and be part of the solution. Awake is always looking for local people to come and join our efforts to keep Anthony Wayne a safe and healthy community!