Community Programs


The Awake Community Coalition in collaboration with the Monclova Fire department and the Waterville and Whitehouse Police departments offer three permanent bed return boxes for proper disposal of unused and unwanted medications.

Just one way our community can take part in preventing underage drinking. 

Although only a tool, a single swipe of a state issued driver's license or identification card, the Identification (ID) Checker can verify that the card holder is of legal drinking age.  It can also detect a potential false identification card. For more information on how to borrow the scanners for your next event contact our office at 419-877-0466 ext. 12037.


Awake in collaboration with  A Renewed Mind and the Lucas County Sheriff's Department  have put together Instant Drug Testing and Resource Kits. These kits include:  1 instant on-site drug test: Opiates, THC, Amphetamines, MDM, Cocaine 1 instant alcohol test (saliva-based & results in 2 minutes) Materials to educate parents on the types of drugs teens are using, signs of substance abuse and long term effect A parent’s guide of navigating the teen years Numerous educational brochures on individual substances Laboratory confirmation available for any positive test All tests commercial grade and 99.9% accurate. Please contact our office at 419-877-0466 ext. 12037 to make arrangement to receive one of the kits.


Awake received a grant from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and The Cardinal Health Foundation to education youth, parents and community members about the dangers of misusing prescription medications and the importance of properly storing and disposing of unused and unwanted medications. For more information about Generation Rx, Click Here


Youth learn to identify their thinking patterns and the effect that they have on the quality of their lives. Through positive, upbeat activities and individual self-assessment, youth begin to set positive goals for their future. This ten week course, meets once a week and is a peer based curriculum. Youth that have finished the program state that they feel more self confident, get along better with their families and have the tools they.

Youth Diversion May Be For You If...

  • You are a student age 13-18;

  • Exhibiting risky behavior or;

  • Have a charge filed against you.