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The Awake Community Coalition is made up of a group of dedicated and concerned community members who work together to encourage healthy lifestyles by connecting youth and families to programs and resources that promote positive mental and physical health.

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The Coalition was founded in the Fall of 2008 by a grassroots group of law enforcement, parents, faith, township governments, educators, youth, and business owners, to help our youth make safe and healthy choices.  We have accomplished this by working with schools, parents, youth, and the community to provide evidence based programs and resources to promote healthy mental and physical lifestyles. Through this work with students and families, we have recognized that we have children and families living in our community that are struggling with having their basic needs met.  One of those needs is food.  In the fall of 2019, in addition to its education programs and resources, the Coalition began providing weekend food bags for children attending Anthony Wayne Schools who are in need of food assistance. 



Awake provides parents and community members a list of resources available in the community as well as links to publications.


We also offer med return boxes, educational materials, and referrals for mental health or addiction. Please call 419-261-4584 for more information.

Creating a safe community


The Awake Community Coalition in collaboration with the Monclova Fire Department and the Waterville and Whitehouse Police Departments offer three permanent med return boxes for proper disposal of unused and unwanted medications.



Using ID Scanners at your next community event where alcohol is being served is just one way our community can take part in preventing underage drinking. 


Although only a tool, the Identification (ID) Checker can verify that the card holder is of legal drinking age. It can also detect a potential false identification card.

Download the brochure for more information on how to borrow the scanners for your next event.



In addition to these programs, Awake offers community programs, parent programs and resources, student prevention education, and drug take back days.



Awake has put together Resource Kits to help educate parents. These kits include materials to educate parents on the dangers of underage drinking, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs, signs of substance abuse, and long term effects. Numerous educational brochures on individual substances are included as well. If you would like a resource kit, please email:



The Coalition partners with the Anthony Wayne Food Ministry, Zion Food Pantry, Waterville Community Church and other area faith communities to provide weekend food bags during the school year for children living in the Anthony Wayne Community who are in need of food assistance. If you live in the Anthony Wayne Community and you are your child is in need of food on the weekends, click on the link below for more information and/or to sign up.  Distribution of these weekend bags is on Friday mornings.

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